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Booking Your 2015 Wedding Transportation

5 January

If you're planning a wedding in 2015, it's important to book a lot of the things you'll need for it in advance. The more lead time you give a company, the better the chance you'll be able to reserve what you need for the right date and time. That's especially true with your wedding transportation. You want the right limousine, and you need to be sure you can reserve it to make your wedding extra special. Transportation is a very important part of your wedding day, and not having what you envision can put a damper on even the best wedding plans.

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New To New York? Let Us Show You Around

25 September

Are you visiting New York for the first time and have no idea where to go and what to see? Do you have no one with you who could guide you and take you places? Well, you are in luck. With Silver Start Limousine, we will not just take you around New York, we will do so in style! Sightseeing and multi day tours are included in the various services that we provide. This means that our chauffeur will take you to see the best places New York has to offer at a highly affordable rate.

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Have Your Wedding In Style

17 September

Weddings are always a hectic occasion for the bride, groom, and their families. They have to make sure that all the arrangements are done to perfection and everything arrives on time. While a wedding might incorporate many different aspects, the one thing it should seriously focus on is how you will be driven to your new house from the wedding venue.

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