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When people think about the world of sports, one element that they don't necessarily pay the appropriate amount of attention to is travel. Transportation is always of the utmost concern to athletic directors and travel managers for teams of all sizes - from high schools to colleges to university and professional teams and everything in between. Sports involves a huge amount of travel, especially if you're part of a "traveling" team by nature. You can't just put everyone into the back of a car and hope for the best. Your team may get to the venue on time, but if they don't have the appropriate level of comfort they won't be able to perform to the best of their abilities once that big game rolls around.

That's where Silver Star Limousine comes in. We offer a wide range of vehicles that are expressly designed to make sure that your sports team is riding comfortably and in style. Regardless of the situation, we're here to help. We offer airport shuttle services to help make sure that your team can get too and from the airport on time, for example. We are certified with the Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX) and exceed both Department of Defense and NCAA transportation requirements. We'll make sure that athletic directors and travel managers don't have a thing to worry about when it comes to transportation.

It doesn't matter how large or how small your sports team is - we have a variety of different and unique transportation options that can certainly fit your needs. We offer luxury motor coaches that are comfortable, clean, reliable and most importantly safe. Whether you're the visiting team or the home team, you still need travel accommodations in and around New York or elsewhere. The coaches that we offer are fully equipped with not only lavatories and luggage bays, but also amenities like 120V outlets and free Wi-Fi access.

If you're worried about making sure that your sports team will be well rested and ready when that big game rolls around, you absolutely shouldn't be. You get back to focusing on winning - we'll take care of transportation. Silver Star Limousine has what it takes to provide you with the comfortable, state of the art transportation options that you need. If you'd like to learn more about what Silver Star Limousine can do for your sports team to accommodate all of your travel needs, please don't hesitate to contact us today. Anything less is just a ride...